Exosomes and Microvesicles

Our NIH Program Project activities (Skog, Breakefield) led to the modern exploration of exosomal mutations in the biofluids of glioma patients. From these activities emerged the International ISEV meeting (Boston, April 2013) as well as the NIH Director’s Common Fund RFA for tumor-related exosomes. With funding from the NIH, Dr. Hochberg has worked with a team in San Diego, Baltimore, and Boston to create novel approaches to diagnosis of brain diseases, based on studies of spinal fluid and plasma to identify genes contained on exosomes.

  • This approach has given rise to the concept of “liquid biopsy” as patients, diagnosed on blood studies, will ultimately be spared brain operations and will have the advantage of personalized therapies.
  • The initial studies have concentrated on Epidermal Growth Factor receptor and its mutations, as well as Isocitric Dehydrogenase and its mutations.
  • We explore proteins on exosomes which can also be used for diagnosis of disease.
  • In addition, within TAVEC, we are piloting novel exosome-based therapies of cancer.

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